My Home and Community

My Home & Community Overview

Getting Support – one of the keys to achieving what you want to do.

Looking after the body and mind is very important for everyone to be able to do the activities they want to do. A healthy body and mind assists people to lead a good life.

This section has information on what is available to support you in the home and community. It includes general information and links to other websites and services that may be able to help you.

Equipment & Assistive Technology

There are so many assistive technology and equipment options out there, with exciting new products coming onto the market regularly. Many people aren’t aware of the many options available and may purchase items that are not the best option for them. 
This section provides a list of the types of equipment and assistive technology available and links to more information. 
It is strongly recommended that everyone sees a therapist for the prescription of all equipment and assistive technology.

Community Services

There are many service options to support you in many areas of your life, whether that be at home, for study, for recreation or for work. Often people struggle to know what is available or where to look.
This section provides links to services and funding supports that are available for people to access.

Medical building
Medical & Allied Health Professionals

Staying linked to therapy and health services throughout your life is very important to stop small problems becoming big ones. Often people struggle to know who to see, what health professionals do and then where to access the support. 
The adult health system at times can be very difficult to navigate for both people with physical disabilities and the community health professionals supporting them. This section provides information on what health professionals do and possible pathways to access them.